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Description of WOOL Available in: Ounces Available: Item ID Picture if Available:
Taupe Strips or Swatches 1 STA/TA taupe swatches.JPG (101777 bytes)
Taupe coat weight Strips or Swatches 7 STA/TA coat wt taupe coat wt.JPG (123723 bytes)

Taupe coat weight

# 6 Cut Strips Only 9 STA/TA coat wt2 taupe coat wt.JPG (123723 bytes)

Dark Taupe

Strips or Swatches 3 STA/TA Drk dark taupe.JPG (86616 bytes)

Dark Taupe

# 6 Cut Strips Only 1 STA/TA Drk2 dark taupe.JPG (86616 bytes)
Taupe Tweed # 6 Cut Strips Only 5 TTA/ TA 2 taupe tweed strips.JPG (209974 bytes)

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